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Doctor Death
An English doctor who makes house calls has the bedside manner of a saint for his elderly female patients, but when the family of a deceased patient contests the will-the truth is exhumed.

Texas Tower Sniper
In America's first mass slaying, a sniper randomly guns down students and pedestrians from atop the University of Texas clock tower. Police have no plan in place for such an event; the police are out-gunned and over their heads.

Co-Ed Killer
Young, female students have disappeared with alarming frequency from the college town of Santa Cruz, California. Then mutilated body parts show up as almost a human jigsaw puzzle.

Hawaiian Horror
When a killer burst into a Honolulu conference room at a button-down, no nonsense office, he leaves behind seven dead - and the biggest mass slaying in Hawaiian history.

The Killer Nurse
At hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, patients are mysteriously dying. The rumor is that a serial killer is at work. After the Reverend Gall unexpectedly dies in 2003, tests reveal that he has five times the dose of medication.

Snuff Film Killers
A fisherman in Bates City, Missouri, discovers the nude body of a woman - 41-year-old Marsha Spicer. Police learn she was an acquaintance of ex-con Richard Davis. For years, Davis had a fantasy to make a snuff film.

Christmas Eve Massacre
A man wearing a Santa suit makes a surprise visit to a Pardo family Christmas Eve party in Covina, California, in 2008. The man is carrying a gift-wrapped flamethrower in one hand and in the other, a handgun.

The Fiendish Friend
Samuel Herr and Julie Kibuishi are a young couple living in California. On May 22, 2010, Julie's partially clothed body is discovered in Herr's apartment, and Herr, apparently, is on the run.

The Makeover Murder
The former beauty queen Michele MacNeill married a prominent surgeon Martin MacNeill in Utah. On April 11, 2011, her husband and six-year-old daughter find her dead in the bathtub and suspicious circumstances arise.

Bus Stop Killer
Jessica Keen, an honor student and cheerleader, gets in an argument with her boyfriend. Jessica strolls to a nearby bus stop. This is the last time anyone sees her alive. Police focus their investigation on her ex-boyfriend.

House of Horrors
In Gloucester, England, Rosemary Letts meets 27-year old Frederick West, married father of two daughters, on her 15th birthday. They move in together, and soon, one of his daughters, and then his wife, disappear.

Lying in Wait
A man kills 16-year old Colette Aram in Nottinghamshire, England and goes to a local pub to wipe his own cuts with a napkin. Twenty-five years pass until police matches the blood on the napkin from the pub to a relative of the killer.

Dangerous Obsession
Joanna Clare Yeates is a 25-year old landscape architect from Hampshire, England, who goes missing. Eight days later, someone finds her strangled body along the roadside.


Motive To Murder - S01 - E14 - E26 - FClaw
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